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Questions of words

29 Nov

How can you elegantly and eloquently put words into lists and sentences and expect them to cooperate with the frayed wires in your brain? How do their meanings and definitions and backgrounds and synonyms coincide with what we think we know and what we do know or what we maybe wish we knew? How do outer influences counter-influence what our own distinctions could possibly influence? What makes your filter better than mine?

Why do words even matter? Who died and made them so important? We certainly can’t live without them, but when do we stop listening and start speaking? When do we use our own words? When do our own words begin to mean what we want them to instead of what someone else wants them to mean? When do words start listening to us?

But then why are words so weak? Why can the words one person says completely succumb to what you want them to mean? Or why can what someone says completely alter and twist into what you think it could be?

What makes you think you deserve to give anything meaning?