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The Male/Female Paradigm

28 Apr

In relationships with both males and females, maintenance and perception is difficult. Everyone always keeps you guessing. You expect your best friend to know why you’re pissed at them. You expect your boyfriend to know why you’re just pissy. Expectations never conclude.
When it comes to male and female relationships, the general rule of thumb is that girls are the ones who get too attached and wear down the relationship, and boys are the ones who back off and worry about the girl falling in love.
I may be part dude in this, but I am plenty capable of being friends with someone and steering clear of the awkwardness that can occur in many situations; however, every boy I hang out with tends to pull that card even if I’m not the pursuer. I suppose a complete reassessment of my personality would be in order if I were to fully understand the circumstances, but I truly don’t get what I do to twist the situation every time. Frankly, I wish the boys I hang out with would grow a pair, but seeing as though this has become a complete cycle, I suppose that is impossible. One cycle is enough to deal with. I just want to know when I get to be the girl again.