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You say goodbye, but I say hello

6 Oct

So I’m taking a break from life.

Okay, that’s melodramatic, but really. I ran away from home after graduating college. I’ve completely loved interning in Washington, D.C. I’ve learned a lot about being on my own, the inner workings of my mind, networking, responsibility, ownership, and establishing the necessary means to get by while learning and allowing myself to fully submerge into the media system I’ve wanted to understand since I was a kid.

I’m walking through a turnstile and deciding to take a step back and evaluate this time I’ve spent. I wouldn’t trade any of my decisions in for anything because the amount I have learned and constructed has fully prepared me to understand what most people can’t ever fully grasp: what I want in life.

I have come to realize how important my career is and how different my outlook is on life as I knew it before. Such shortsighted goals seemed so obviously within grasp, but now I have developed and painted my own full picture of what I seek to do and change. I want to have an impact, and for that, I have to have patience.

Kind of, I want it all….(or NOOOOTHING, AT ALL). Is that so much to ask?

So I’m moving home. Regrouping, if you will. Trying to grow up a little bit before my next step. Gathering means and support. Changing my views. Appreciating the beauty and the life that I so quickly was willing to shove in my back pocket without ever turning back.

And I’m ready.

Hot Springs, AR