“blog me, hillary! Blog me!”

7 Feb

Emily and I had a rough day at work. Although we should
probably have one of those joint married blogs, I decided to speak
for us today. So, sprint is a terrible terrible company. Simply
because working for them today equalled a slice of my soul being
extracted from my body. No lie. As a friend said, “thank you for
calling sprint. Please hold while I stab myself in the eye with my
pen.” So what did we do when we returned home from a terrible, long
day at work? No, we didn’t use the restroom. We didn’t take showers
or naps or watch tv. The first thing we did was bust open a bottle
of wal-mart $5 wine that tasted of sparkling grape juice, wine, and
beer. Hit the spot for sure. No, we’ve already finished that
bottle. We are halfway through our second addition of an octagonal
box of wine. (equivalent: 3 magnum bottles of wine) We have been
watching reruns of Jersey shore for the past three hours and
drinking ourselves into a mindless stupor because simply everything
(like that pun? No? Oh I bet only people who work at our
godforsaken place of employment would get it) is better when your
mind stops pumping out useless jargon and negativity about life.
And all we have to remember is…FOUR MORE FUCKING MONTHS.


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